Remember me?

Neither do I.




taken by linde


accidentally yours

a handful of friday nights ago, Linde and i were waiting for my sister Jackie to arrive when we heard a strange noise that sounded like a truck might've scraped its side on a snowbank while cruising past our apartment. i peeked out of our window but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. a minute or so later, Jackie turned down our street. since she'd never been to our apartment, i ran outside to meet her just as she passed our house and learned the source of the noise Linde and i had heard. there'd been a two vehicle accident at the intersection 36.4 feet from our front door. good thing Jackie hadn't been a minute or two earlier!

make sure you read the sticker on the (upsidedown) car.



according to excel, it's been 268 days since my last post. that's 38 weeks and 2 days! yikes! somewhere within those 268 days, the password to this blog quietly slipped past my snoring brain and inhaled the early morning air of freedom.

luckily, like most websites today, blogger has a "forgot my password" feature and my new password is in brain lockdown...for now.

obviously (and that's a giant obviously) the most exciting event since the last post was getting engaged to Linde, the love of my life. the second most exciting? moving in with her. but those deserve their own (forthcoming?) post.

less exciting but still pretty cool was getting a new camera (an upgrade over the previous one) and a new lens a month or so thereafter. the pictures below were taken using both the new camera and lens. as you'll notice, some were taken by Linde and they are awesome! i love that she's using the new camera and is genuinely excited to do so.

most of the pictures below were taken over a january weekend in almostcanada, vt. mark and cat invited us to join them at a bed and breakfast as they celebrated their first year together (congratulations, you two!). the idea was to take advantage of free skiing lessons at smugglers' notch as part of the trip but lets just say i wasn't made for the slopes. my skiincompetence, however, did not get in the way of a fantastic weekend. as a bonus, nick and his girlfriend karen were staying at the mountain and met up with us for some fantastic food, drinks and laughter.

linde and i have many more pictures to post so please stay tuned.




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